this is 40

The best is when someone I don't know well says "wait, I thought you had a boyfriend?" I do. And he's amazing, kind, patient
This is the last day of my 30s, a decade I've spent BECOMING.
"Yeah it's too late now cause I'm 40, and I can't do those things with my body."
Instead of having a mid-life crisis, I'm having a MID-LIFE CELEBRATION. I have totally arrived. I feel empowered by 40. I mean, what do those 30 year olds really know? Not much, I can tell you having been one for the past 10 years. But, that was yesterday. Literally, YESTERDAY.
Whether it be Gaza, the sky, or a peaceful sidewalk in Los Angeles, all we have is our life. Those who take the lives of others, take away the universe. No one has that right.
pparently, when one turns 40, one is expected to celebrate in a spectacularly grandiose fashion. One is supposed to go into their fourth decade on this planet roaring like a lion, taking 40 by the horns and MAKE 40 THEIR BITCH. Or so I've been told.
The California native broke into the acting world at the age of 18 and has made a name for herself as an endearing funny
This is a big week for Judd Apatow. In addition to co-writing the season finale of the HBO series "Girls" with creator Lena
Come to find out, this spring marks the 40th year since I graduated from high school. Who knew? I certainly didn't until I received a friendly note from the reunion committee. So I joined their Facebook page and started looking around.