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The award-winning actor died from a long-standing pulmonary issue, according to his representative.
Moore talked about getting checks worth "pennies" for the wildly popular show.
The "This is Us" actor shared a sweet photo of the newborn on Instagram.
Being pregnant, raising a toddler and living on a tour bus proved more than she could handle, the "This Is Us" star admitted.
Actor and singer Mandy Moore just surprised fans with her first song in a decade.
Including a cozy illustrated hoodie, a "Big 3" jersey and Rebecca's sentimental crescent moon necklace.
After vividly telling pandemic stories last year, shows like “This Is Us” and “Grey’s Anatomy” have now put COVID-19 firmly in the past.
"It's been a pleasure to be her TV husband for six years," the actor told Jimmy Fallon of of his co-star on the NBC drama, which just kicked off its final season.
"This is just a guy leaving the gym," the "This Is Us" actor said of his much buzzed-about fitness attire.
You have never seen Mandy Moore’s Rebecca and Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack quite like this before.