this land is your land

Woody Guthrie, America's most revered troubadour for social justice, would be 103 years old if he were alive today. He was born on July 14, 1912. Although he died in 1967 at 55, his songs have endured.
Despite the conventional wisdom that patriotism means "my country -- right or wrong" and is best displayed by blind flag-waving, to many Americans patriotism means loyalty to a set of principles, and thus requires dissent and criticism when those in power violate those standards.
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
Musicians from East Los Angeles have a long tradition of using their talents to draw attention to complex social and political issues.
Let's stress, and stress again, the importance of national beauty and brotherhood, liberty and freedom, and equality of access for all.
After 94 years, on January 27, 2014, the world lost Pete Seeger. The world is the lesser for that loss. I met and spoke to Pete Seeger a few times and can attest to his steady determination and uplifting spirit.
Immigration reform is a women's issue. We need an immigration reform bill that keeps women and their children together, and brings women out from the shadows and gives them protection under the law.
Not many people can claim to have helped change the meaning of a common word, but I think Guthrie can.
If any further proof were needed that "This Land Is Your Land" is not a nationalistic anthem for the United States, but an ode to internationalism and collectivism, the earliest published text provides it. Instead of the familiar chorus delineating the lower 48, it includes Canada, too!
Surely if Guthrie -- best known for "This Land Is Your Land," often considered America's alternative national anthem -- were alive today, he'd be writing songs about families fighting bank foreclosures, university students protesting tuition increases, workers organizing and people mobilizing for immigrants rights.
The only category that seems to guarantee full employment these days is being a right-wing person of color. You know, like
91 year old Pete Seeger recently told a Rolling Stone journalist that his new album, Tomorrow's Children, is "the most inspiring
Pete Seeger and actor Mark Ruffalo traveled to Albany Tuesday to push for a moratorium on hydrofracking. The two celebrities
I keep thinking about how the corporate boot-licking band of reactionaries that are calling the shots from the Republican side of the Supreme Court are going to rule on any BP-related litigation that may make it to their chamber.
Let us sing, not to confront or protest the absence of an equitable health care system, rather to affirm our commitment to allowing all Americans the right of affordable medical care.
In putting together "This Land is Your Land," Woody Guthrie wrote about the Depression and the Dust Bowl, and he captured with simplicity and clarity the hurt and hunger of the ordinary American.
It's one of those weird things, the patriotic hymns of your youth still live in your heart somewhere, despite all the things you learn in the meantime.
2008-10-30-thisland.jpg Our country is all the "real America," from sea to sea. It's one place and in tough times, it's all the more important to remind ourselves of what we share, rather than what divides us.