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Marc Short says the president has "concerns," but won't say whether Trump believes the women alleging sexual misconduct.
The world's most vulnerable children - those living in institutions, on the street, trafficked or separated from their families as a result of conflict, disaster, forced labor, or disability have literally fallen off the world's statistical map.
From August 4th to September 7th, Niki de Saint Phalle's "Californian Diary" will be on view at Nohra Haime Gallery. Niki de Saint Phalle, whose work often reflected her relationship with California, is exhibiting nine silkscreens that visually convey her experiences with California.
At 67 percent, "Face the Nation" recorded the highest proportion of white, male guests; "Fox News Sunday," "Meet the Press
"That's what Democrats have been doing the entire time. Where, you know, you have maybe some crazy Todd Akin say some stupid
Vanden Heuvel called Kristol one of the "architects of catastrophe" in the 2003 invasion and said that he and many other
"Meet the Press" was the third place Sunday morning show for the fourth week in a row. The NBC News program fell once again
"Everyone goes hysterical over two or three sentences," Kristol continued. "Private organizations can deal with, private
There is absolutely no danger of Meet The Press being cancelled. The show will go on. Sooner or later, though -- after exhausting all possible format gimmicks -- the higher-ups at NBC may finally realize they chose the wrong guy to host it when Russert died.
Meet the third-place Sunday morning news show. Politico reported that 'Meet The Press' continued its ratings slide last week
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Obama's plan to keep on truckin'...with much less oil; Secretary of State John Kerry goes 'weapons
On top of all of that, a major initiative to provide millions of Americans with the health insurance they need to stay alive
2013-10-09-ScreenShot20131009at1.59.45PM.pngThe minute anyone says the government shutdown is the fault of the Democrats in Congress and President Obama, please show them this video.
The latest news came just weeks after NBC was forced to step in and defend Gregory after it was reported that "Meet the Press
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