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Marc Short says the president has "concerns," but won't say whether Trump believes the women alleging sexual misconduct.
Does Kellyanne Conway even follow Trump on Twitter?
The world's most vulnerable children - those living in institutions, on the street, trafficked or separated from their families as a result of conflict, disaster, forced labor, or disability have literally fallen off the world's statistical map.
From August 4th to September 7th, Niki de Saint Phalle's "Californian Diary" will be on view at Nohra Haime Gallery. Niki de Saint Phalle, whose work often reflected her relationship with California, is exhibiting nine silkscreens that visually convey her experiences with California.
Angelo Carusone, executive vice president of Media Matters, says part of the problem is that the five larger Sunday morning
Democratic political strategist James Carville immediately tried to dismiss Navarro's remark, saying there are more important
"This country should not go back to war," she said. "And if you feel so strongly, you should, with all due respect, enlist
"Meet the Press" was the third place Sunday morning show for the fourth week in a row. The NBC News program fell once again
However, as fellow panelist Matthew Dowd pointed out, there is evidence that Sterling has a racist history, both in his non