thom tillis

The North Carolinian backs off after writing an op-ed decrying "executive overreach" in Trump's push for a border wall.
But it's not clear if Republicans would be willing to override a presidential veto.
“I just don’t see a scenario where that’s a positive projection" of the GOP brand, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) said.
One GOP senator said that maybe Congress should do so.
The polls are wrong, the opposition is distorting the truth, and tax cuts are "generally unpopular."
The North Carolina senator posted a video to Twitter from the hospital, cheerfully saying he was "fine."
In SEC Chair nominee Jay Clayton's hearing before the Urban Affairs Committee, Sen. Thom Tillis R-N.C. says "I feel like sometimes I'm living in a reality TV version of 'Atlas Shrugged.'"
Historically, most people in the U.S. clearly have not been bothered very much if the U.S. government meddles in other people's elections; indeed, many Americans have welcomed it. But mostly they haven't cared.
When it comes to politically active nonprofits, there are those that bend the rules, and there are those that seem to flout them entirely. One group, above all, is a member of the latter set: a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization called Carolina Rising.