Thomas Homan

The meltdown shows he "can’t stand respecting brown immigrant woman’s power over him," Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said.
Thomas Homan said he considered assaulting a lawmaker who questioned whether he was racist.
Fox News contributor Tom Homan was part of the Trump administration for 18 months before retiring.
“You know I’m an animated, energetic supporter of this president. But you’ve got to call it as it is."
Thomas Homan and Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the policy at a news conference on May 7.
Nothing gives Thomas Homan more joy than directing his agents to indiscriminately deport any undocumented immigrant they come across.
Thomas Homan had become the face of the White House’s deportation efforts. But his U.S. Senate confirmation stalled.
Thomas Homan was unlike anyone who ran Immigration and Customs Enforcement before him. He retired Friday.
The agency previously planned to deport the father despite his child’s leukemia.
Thomas Homan also lashed out against a standalone Dream Act and sanctuary cities this week.