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ST. LOUIS -- Dorian Johnson, the lead witness in the officer-involved shooting that led to the death of unarmed teenager
"We are committed to keeping our police department," Mayor James Knowles said at a press conference in the St. Louis suburb
Jackson is the sixth and most high-profile Ferguson city employee to resign after the release of the Justice Department report
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson To Resign
"The right of the people to peacefully assemble is what the police are here to protect. If anyone who was peacefully exercising
Jackson also said that his officers still were not wearing name tags because protesters “that don’t want to be peaceful” would
Policing Ferguson: It Could Have Been Calmer, Sooner.
Why, an Al Jazeera America reporter asked, was her network's news crew targeted by tear gas and rubber bullets, even though
Above The Law notes that Jackson has a "gilded resume," having graduated from Tulane Law School with the first 4.0 in the
When we hear the word "swarm," rarely do we feel relaxed, but artist Thomas Jackson aims to change our perceptions with his