Thomas Kail

Disney reportedly won the film rights to Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash musical in a landmark $75 million deal.
Just before this thigh-slapper Alessandrini has Sondheim (Dewan Crawley) warn. a la "Children Will Listen" from Into the
When Alexander Hamilton's generation considered higher education, many believed it was crucial that students not think they already knew at the beginning of their studies where they would end up when it was time for graduation.
Dry Powder is not, as you might suspect, another one of those contemporary dramas about affluent Manhattan husbands trying to adjust to life with their toddler sleeping in the next room.
An eventful Tony Awards capped off Sunday night with rap number performed by host Neil Patrick Harris detailing the night's
The new Broadway show, Lombardi, is being widely touted as a play that will get men excited about theater. This show isn't going to attract your typical theatergoing clientele, to say the least.