Thomas Massie

The tweet has since been removed, but images of the meme remain.
Fourteen Republicans voted against making June 19 a federal holiday marking the end of slavery.
"Congress has only a narrow role in the presidential election process. Its job is to count the electors."
Rittenhouse is charged with two counts of murder for shooting two men during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
A Kentucky congressman claimed the Founding Fathers would not agree with face masks and mandatory vaccinations.
"This guy is an actual GOP Congressman. Such stupidity," one Twitter user said of Kentucky lawmaker Thomas Massie.
Republicans and Democrats are condemning Rep. Thomas Massie for insisting legislators vote in person instead of holding a "voice vote."
Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie thinks social distancing is “oppression” and is worried about an expedited vote on the coronavirus relief bill.
Republican Rep. Thomas Massie voted against the House bill that would secure $19 billion in emergency relief.
Rep. Thomas Massie doubled down on his bizarre attempt to question John Kerry's education.