Thomas Perez

But the reality is Senator Sanders and some of his supporters continue to refuse to join the Party. There is no commitment
The upcoming DNC race between Tom Perez and Keith Ellison is not really about ideology.
Prior to the OSH Act, workplace safety was a concept only familiar to those with a good union or an unusually goodhearted boss. There was no law saying your employer had to send you home every day in one piece. The OSH Act changed that.
Demand for impact investing is surging - yet investors, even interested ones, have a hard time wrapping their heads around the practice.
He doesn't believe companies need to choose between innovating and protecting their workers.
Fresh ideas and approaches can empower a brighter future of aging, and the emergence of financial gerontology is cause for hope. This link between two disciplines that are critically important to the aging population presents the potential for new solutions and healthy, productive and purposeful outcomes for today's older adults and for generations to come.
The spate of high-profile voices making the case for paid leave is generating awareness, but what will move people to action? In our work, which focuses on advancing women into leadership in the Jewish non-profit sector, we've discovered how to motivate leaders to adopt paid leave.
The announcement that White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez will soon kick off a historic 'Lead On Leave' tour is exciting news that comes amidst strong, widespread demand and support for paid leave.
Doggett says he hasn't received a response to those questions from Froman. Each member of Congress will be allowed to bring
The Bahrain deal did, in fact, bar this kind of repression. But after receiving an official trade violation complaint from
On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of working mothers in America, I will continue to highlight the necessity and urgency of this war that I pray we win. And I am prepared to have to fight this battle more than once to win it.
On wages, their rejection of even the concept of a minimum wage shows that Republicans don't care if employers engage in a race to the bottom. Five bucks an hour isn't good enough for you? They'll just find someone else. I thought we'd settled that question during the Great Depression.
She served previously at the Justice Department, starting as a drug and violent crime prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney's office
"We are the most powerful nation on the planet, economically, militarily and otherwise," Perez told host Marc Lamont Hill
The Obama administration wants to remind Americans the United States is the only developed country whose laws don't give workers paid maternity leave.
"I talk to long-term unemployed folks with regularity. We make a habit of doing focus groups because I'm a firm believer
Welcome to Thrive on Live with @caitlynbecker. Our veterans come back from war with hopes of finding a job, but finding one with purpose is even more difficult. We discuss how our servicemen and women find meaning at work, after life in the military.
"I had the luxury of skipping the cabinet meeting to attend my daughter's graduation. So many people don't have the luxury