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This week on So That Happened: while President Donald Trump was away on foreign business, the wider world got a look at the
What won't work either is the blatant voter and collective bargaining-suppression laws enacted, or about to be enacted in
It's becoming clear that our Middle Class--the midsection of U.S. earners and consumers--has shrunk alarmingly. And this
Of course the progressive Oregon city would be a pioneer on this.
The result today is an enormous gap in homeownership. More than 70 percent of white households own their home compared to less than half of black and Latino families.
The latest data on the U.S. puts it somewhere in the middle, at 0.41. Our analysis showed that the median age of the population
In recent weeks France has faced strikes and protests as the battle has come to their terrain, over a new, sweeping labor law. Among other provisions, the law would weaken workers' protections regarding overtime pay, the length of the work week, and job security.
A new rule just announced by the Obama administration will, effective December 1, double the overtime-pay salary threshold and set it to automatically increase every three years. It's about time.
The myth of the American Dream is the dominating factor in keeping people complacent in the United States. You know it -- work hard, and your life will improve. Well, maybe not your life, but your kids', or at least your grandkids'. If that doesn't work, it is the fault of immigrants, or the darn Chinese, or those welfare freeloaders.
Good journalism and good economics requires an open debate about the key issue driving the Sanders revolt: runaway inequality.
The economist says Sanders is the only candidate who's willing to tax the rich.
What's really causing the growing gap between haves and have-nots? Is it mechanical market forces? Outsourcing? Real estate?
New research shows minimum wage decreases aren't a huge reason inequality has grown since the 1980s.
A rock star economist argues the new Gilded Age is more costly than we thought.