Thomas Roberts

Trump is leading or doing well in several national and early state polls. That's why the other candidates and all Republican leaders should be denouncing his ignorance and xenophobia more forcefully.
 Thomas Roberts anchored NBC's "Nightly News" on Saturday, a huge milestone for both the 42-year-old journalist's career
Roberts apologized when he started to tear up again and another man stepped in to help continue the report. While the bond
This week I talked with nineteen celebrity activists on the Red Carpet at the 26th GLAAD Media Awards in NYC. First I spoke
Baltimore Protester Schools Anchor On Cable News Coverage
This is not about being politically correct. It's about not being ignorant.
The show appeared to indicate that many people at MSNBC have absolutely no idea what's going on in Mexico or with the 33.5
MSNBC's Thomas Roberts said on Monday that the NFL has handled players with far more incendiary backgrounds than Michael
MSNBC has named Thomas Roberts the new host of "Way Too Early." “Thomas’ unique personality and point of view are just the
As every good and decent person knows, NBC is airing a live production of "The Sound of Music" on Thursday night. And, because