Thousand Oaks, California

The actress returned to "The Real" two weeks after her niece, Alaina, was killed in a mass shooting.
A second former track coach of the California gunman has recalled him as volatile and intimidating.
The Thousand Oaks community is still reeling from a mass shooting one day earlier.
Hundreds gathered to remember 12 people killed at the Borderline Bar & Grill during its weekly "college night."
Susan Orfanos demanded gun control after her son was killed: "I hope to God nobody else sends me any more prayers."
Before the Thousand Oaks shooting, local students would flock to the bar for its weekly "college night."
A gunman opened fire at a California bar late Wednesday, killing at least 12 people.
"All I wanted to do was get as many people out of there as possible,” Matt Wennerstrom said of the Borderline Bar & Grill attack.
A sheriff's sergeant was among those killed in the shooting.
“I cannot believe it has happened to my family," said a father who told reporters his son died in the California shooting.