threatened species

The Trump administration proposed major changes to protect endangered species and a few of your favorite animals could be in jeopardy.
Nearly 1,400 species, including endangered manatees and hawksbill turtles, live in the region.
A new proposal appears to cut protections for threatened animals.
A new global analysis finds nearly half of threatened mammals are at risk, up from just 7 percent.
Reversing the drastic decline in biodiversity is the most important goal for sustainable development. Biodiversity is the collection of species and the environment in which they inhabit. Biodiversity is the life in an ecosystem.
Instead of waiting for habitats to be destroyed, we can give these animals a fighting chance at survival.
There are far more urgent threats, including exploitation and agriculture.
The sage-grouse is a quintessential part of the American West, and recovering the bird and conserving its habitat will also
“What I think is happening is that neonicotinoids are essentially having a pharmacological effect on the neurons in the bees
Take a look above. Researchers with National Geographic released this incredible point-of-view video shot from the back of
Alaska Rep. Don Young linked the U.S. homeless population to the wolf population in an outburst Thursday before the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee. After it became national news, with headlines quoting him as saying wolves would get rid of homeless people, he released a statement saying people may have "misunderstood my comments."
Current hot spots for tiger crime identified by the study include some regions that surprised researchers and could likely
It had all the trappings of a typical Miami funeral. The eulogists, stifling their tears. The aria, Handel's mournful Piangero la Sorte Mia. The loud lamentations of the black laced lloradera.
The Chinese river dolphin has disappeared before our eyes within only two generations. Will we change course before other branches on the tree of life die off? It would be foolish to assume that we can somehow maintain our prosperity and our very future without the rich biodiversity on Planet Earth.
We're all rooting for you, 681! May your infectious spirit be an inspiration to us all. The pup is said to be making good
A sea otter hunter is still on the loose six months authorities found three of the three of the adorable, threatened creatures
Humans aren’t the only species in the animal kingdom with an obesity problem. A foundation in Northern California plans to