Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) denied that his tweet, in which he seemed to warn Michael Cohen he would reveal details of an extramarital affair, counts as witness tampering.
"It's time for change," the suspect says in a video shared by police.
Muslim women who are wearing the headscarfs are becoming the targets of attacks and threats to their lives and safety. Zainab goes to Minneapolis, Minnesota to understand why they are taking the headscarf on, the meaning of Islam in their lives, and how they are fighting back with their voice and actions .
Words Like: Consider that scarcity/zero-sum isn't simply a matter of circumstance. It's a matter of what you say, stand for
Security is on high alert at any big event in Europe these days. And I appreciate the security. The first decades of my life
After Trump's asinine quip about a 2nd amendment "solution" to stopping Clinton's presidential run, her campaign manager
The world is not nearly as dangerous and depraved as most people think. Recent events have more than one person I know worrying about where the human race is headed, but this popular notion is unfounded.
Trump backers surrounded a delegate in a bathroom and said she "should die."
Create the Right Language in Framework Final Word If the language used in your app's framework is not correct, attackers
Can we all just take a deep breath? I'm speaking to many Democratic voters as well as the bulk of the mainstream media here, just to clarify. Because far too many seem to currently be going off the deep end. But from where I sit, this is an overreaction to a very short-term situation.
I spoke with the counseling center multiple times and campus security. I discussed the situation with the student editors
"There was never much of any concern about the personal costs, emotionally, fiscally, sometimes literally in terms of safety," the former host said.
North Korea's latest nuclear blast, whether an actual hydrogen bomb test or something short of that, reminds the world that, for all the jokes about him, the unpredictable dictator in Pyongyang is no joke.
It's a shame -- a shame that a mother fearful for her children's well-being can't voice her opinion without receiving hateful comments and threats -- ironically, taking a page from the way terrorists try to strike fear in our hearts with their threats of harm.
The Elonis v. United States opinion, authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, and joined by all others except Justice Clarence Thomas, sidestepped issues of both the Internet and the First Amendment, focusing instead on criminal intent.
These kinds of threats are NOT a joke, and it is time that college and university administrations and campus police (all police, really) stop considering them as such
The state of journalism has obviously changed. The gruesome murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002 by al Qaeda started this dangerous trend.