Three Cups of Tea

He still plans to continue to support girls' education and also focus on infant mortality, child marriage and violence against women.
To be champions of what is right, we must act in the right. Strength and change start with truth.
Project leaders periodically update donors on the progress of the projects, just like a public company updates shareholders
We're obsessed in today's world with facts. Every syllable uttered by people in positions of power is put under a microscope, and we, the general public, love nothing more than to have subterfuge reveal in the media spotlight.
There is lucre in writing a book like Three Cups of Tea or in making TV dramas and films that assert they are true, but in fact are being made to titillate the public's wish for celebrity gossip.
Greg Mortensen has been able to accomplish tremendous feats by being one of the few people brave enough to work in the corners of Afghanistan and Pakistan to promote equal educational opportunities.
The charity watchdog also accused CAI of lacking transparency, as it published just one independent audit of its finances
Greg Mortenson is facing another lawsuit filed over his bestselling memoir, Three Cups of Tea. Read more on The Daily Beast
"Three Cups of Tea" author Greg Mortenson, who is under fire over allegations he fabricated much of his story, is recovering
Too many Western writers try to portray themselves as selfless, Mother Theresa-like figures who venture to an exotic and dangerous country to single-handedly save the natives.
"So as a donor, you've got to find out what is the charity's program, because they're not clear about it," he said. Organizations
"Who can be troubled to read financials? I have to admit, I didn't until this whole thing broke open. Basically, people are saying, 'Don't trouble me with facts and numbers, I like Greg, and I like the story.'"
Let's reject social change by personality cult and embrace empowering the poor to speak up, speak out and speak for themselves. That's what good nonprofit leaders have always done.
Mortenson told Outside Magazine that both he and CAI are working to eradicate these problems. For example, in January he
Memoir, as its Latin root indicates, is a selection of subjective, often partially forgotten, memories. Readers do not expect memoirists to be journalists. What matters is trust.
Three Cups still presents an infinitely more hopeful message than that of detached cynicism. But the story can easily buttress the myth that those who make change have to be almost superhuman.
As a Marine and cofounder of a non-governmental organization (NGO) in one of Africa's largest slums, I drew inspiration from Greg Mortenson's books and work.
As for those of us working to make global issues "cool" and "applicable" to mainstream Americans, it is our duty to make sure that our donors can believe in us again.
Please, do not lose faith in nonprofits or the ability of American youth to change their communities and the world. Instead, elevate your expectations and demand more from nonprofit leaders.