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Cleaning out your closet? Here are five ways to skip the thrift store and sell your clothes online.
The next morning, the dump trucks arrived, loaded up three heaps of supposed "trash", and disappeared that perfectly good
By Jocelyn Baird, Throughout the year, but especially in the months of November and December, people across
My mother (known in her hometown of Chattanooga as "The Purple Lady") lives by what she calls her "Purple Rules: Do unto others and for others." Give graciously and generously to help people without expecting anything in return. Her gift to me was the lesson of being a giving person and not a getting one.
That was nearly $10 billion and a billion pounds of waste! And I found out that the average American woman spends $60 each
Why are some people cheap? It's definitely not a gender thing. I've known incredibly cheap men and extraordinarily generous women. And the other way around. I just had coffee with a female colleague and when the bill came she said, "Oh, let's just split this. What's half of $33.35?"
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So I picked blueberries like a hungry bear, and I plan to do it again every weekend until they're gone. We have a mulberry
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In Episode 6 we have transformed our plain-jane kitchen into a gem. Our Kitties used to have to poo out in the open, but not anymore. We installed a little cat door into our laundry room door, so that the kitties can now use the bathroom in peace!
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Joey's parents wanted to come visit and see our first house so we had to quickly get the guest room guest-ready! Watch the video above to see the entire transformation including how we spruced up a thrift store dresser in a matter of hours.
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The inset alcove or altar, as we're calling it, is just begging for a whimsical DIY project. The mantle is the first thing you see when you walk in our front door so it's the perfect place to establish the design for the overall house.
Eventually, I had my own epiphany: Recycling is basically about saving -- and that I understand. For a personal finance geek like me, extending the life of everyday items is music to my ears.
Some have been quick to dismiss the pop-up phenomenon as a trend that is problematic for business, given the short-term nature of the model. But recent years have shown pop-up shops proving to be a long-term strategy for businesses, communities and nonprofit organizations alike.
These rings symbolize a commitment to ethical values, as well as love.
  Photo Credit: Shira Golding/FlickrCC As an econ major, I was really interested in hearing from Juliet Schor about the underpinnings
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Add another question to those that we women usually ask ourselves before purchasing, i.e. "Do I like it?" "Can I afford it?" and "Does it look good on me?" (Or, the converse, "Does this make me look fat?") The fourth question: "Is it sustainable?"
Whether you're a guy or a girl, inviting a date back to your place, at 7pm (rather than 3am) can be both an exhilarating and intimidating experience.
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I've been all too eager to paint credit cards with a broad, tar-black brush. But I can admit when I'm wrong: credit isn't the enemy. Being broke is.
With Goodwill's Donation Impact Calculator, you can find out just how much your donation can change lives. Visit
We are so with you, Conan. Us gals at Bitches on a Budget stand in solidarity with your standing up for yourself and your principals. Galactically speaking, we need more people like you.
There are rough times ahead, and the Prime Directive is to help each other through. But learning the art of thrift can get us through the small stuff. And so much of it is, in the big picture, small stuff.