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Spread the word When we consider our waste stream, it's clear there are barriers preventing people from properly disposing
Young people with a passion for fashion are doomed to torture, really. Not enough money and not nearly enough clothes - if you have these problems, then you're just like me. It doesn't have to be so frustrating and it took me quite a while to learn this.
Websites that resell your clothes online might even make you feel good about yourself.
Reduce your impact National Thrift Shop Day probably isn't the first day that comes to mind when you think of reducing your
Over the last few decades, we've taken great strides to make recycling of paper, bottles and cans second nature in many communities. But what about other items that also are a big part of our daily lives and deserve similar attention?
Charities shouldn't be painted with a broad brush, as some make much better use of your donations than others. A good first
Shop for Costumes If you have children, you know that they are always growing and soon they'll outgrow their clothing. One
I got The Starbucks Experience by Joseph A Michelli in as new condition for $4. It retails for $21.95 in the U.S.A. and $27.95
With 3 babies born in 15 months plus a natural disaster in the mix I quickly learned some great ways to save money, time and energy.
Imagine delving into your own rich and interesting home library for your next great read. That's exactly what I've done and I have collected more books than I will ever read while humbly helping the environment.
By Jocelyn Baird, Throughout the year, but especially in the months of November and December, people across
When I moved to the United States, I discovered a gold mine. Several in fact. I was in awe of my revelations -- I could not believe my eyes!
Radke, a veteran of the film and television industry, explained that Film Biz Recycling was born out of her observing the industry's culture of waste. She recalled seeing production companies throwing out props, furniture and set materials that were used for a mere couple of weeks.
As I sit outside the dressing room waiting for her to parade her curated thrift outfit or even during our occasional forays to H&M, I can't help but think of my mother and me in the same scene thirty years ago. But this time, with my own daughter, it's different.
One of my favorite things about Tokyo is that a five-minute train ride can land you in what feels like an entirely new country.
The thrift store is truly a place where you can find both the best and worst things in existence.
My generation discovered the big-eyed waifs at grandma's house or in the marginalia of our local thrift shops. The generation older than me knows that at one point Margaret Keane's big-eyed paintings of children were everywhere.
By now it's certainly no secret to anyone who reads my pieces that I have lifelong love affair with flea markets, auctions, thrift shops and antiques stores.
Have you ever repainted a chair from a thrift store or put new hardware on a rescued roadside armoire? If so, you understand the drive to make something new and wonderful out of something broken, old or outdated.