thrift stores

The industry is churning it out, but only because you keep buying it. Here's what you can do to break the cycle.
As the pandemic rages, secondhand stores around the country are flooded with donations and doubts.
Yes, you can donate that! Our nonprofit partners accept clothing and textiles in any condition, except when wet, mildewed
Young people with a passion for fashion are doomed to torture, really. Not enough money and not nearly enough clothes - if you have these problems, then you're just like me. It doesn't have to be so frustrating and it took me quite a while to learn this.
Websites that resell your clothes online might even make you feel good about yourself.
Educate and challenge family and friends Making responsible decisions when it comes to our clothing choices is one small
Over the last few decades, we've taken great strides to make recycling of paper, bottles and cans second nature in many communities. But what about other items that also are a big part of our daily lives and deserve similar attention?
If you leave the house in a hurry and forget to unplug the coffee maker or leave lamps and small appliances plugged in all
During tough economic times, we all have to cut corners. Unfortunately, for people like me who you know, like to look good