It doesn't get much more epic than this.
H/T Jezebel Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore pumped everyone up about thundersnow this week after he was captured
Experiencing thundersnow on camera? Apparently it brings out an exuberant child-like joy, which Cantore revealed during a
Let's see if the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army can decode this: It's our weekly news quiz, and it's full of spies, popes and wobbly stocks.
In the video (above), which was posted on Thursday by St. Louis, Mo., news station KSDK, lightning can be observed flashing
Thundersnow Video: Wichita, Kansas
Snowfall totals rank this week's blizzard as the third worst in history, but you can't begin to judge the storm's presumptive
Last week in Washington, DC there was a snowstorm. It came complete with thundersnow (which turns out not to have been an 80's hair band even though it totally sounds like one). Here are some texts from the occasion.
More than 30 states are dealing with serious snow fall at the moment, and in Chicago--it's blizzard-mania. After the third
You may see snow day as just another day to spend curled up on the futon with your TV and a bag of Smart Pop Kettle Korn, but I am here to tell you that it is time to get outside.
SUBWAYS: All subways service is running, except for the Franklin Ave shuttle. All work has been suspended. BUSES: Buses are
Mysterious, rare, beautiful, yes -- it all has something to do with convection and tropospheres and whatnot -- but it has
New Yorkers were reveling in their millionth snowstorm Wednesday night when they experienced something unexpected -- lighting