The amphibious vehicle reportedly began to sink as severe thunderstorms moved through the area.
"He believed he'd been shot and subsequently called the police."
Thunder shook New York City on Tuesday evening, and one talented photographer managed to catch the spectacular moment when
The winds are starting to pick up big time. Whoa. Wow. Whoooooaaa. WE'RE GETTING WINDS AT 60 MILES PER HOUR. MAYBE 70. I
If you haven't had a moment to enjoy the stars recently, here's a new video that will more than suffice. Shot over an eight
Nature certainly can be awe-inspiring, even during a seemingly ordinary thunderstorm. One stay-at-home storm chaser in Lethbridge
According to New Scientist, thunderstorms are known to shoot out terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs), which Fermi observed