Thurgood Marshall

The reliably conservative judge is an ideological heir to the late Justice Antonin Scalia.
President Trump recently announced that he’d like to “scale back the scope of federal regulations to the level it stood in
A talented, resolute man of color, Marshall helped light my path and instilled into me a deep sense of social obligation.
In his new movies, the actor is portraying two very different superheroes.
See the trailer for the new movie starring Chadwick Boseman.
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch says he’s an “originalist.” The late Justice Antonin Scalia, whom Gorsuch called “a lion
The death penalty has been and remains an essential and consistent form of this American violence--often its messenger--and it is time to stop.
The time for silence and patience is long gone. Congressmen Lewis and his colleagues have vowed to keep going with their fight as soon as the House returns from its July 4th recess. We must stand with them as they continue to get into "good trouble."
The president has named a superbly qualified, scrupulous, evenhanded judge. Not a mere partisan operative, but a judge.
Republicans have shown enormous respect for the Constitution of the United States of America and their hero Associate Justice Antonin Scalia by instantly using his death to demand that President Obama ignore the Constitution for the next 340 DAYS.