Thursday Night Football

As noted here a week ago, the NFL reports that the number of concussions this season is down. Whether that drop is statistically
"Bob Costas' hat just got its own Martin Scorsese biopic."
Thursday Night Football got an unexpected new home this season: Twitter. Earlier this spring, the social media platform famed
The two teams' uniforms were virtually identical to those suffering from colorblindness.
Put simply, every network still wants to televise this package, however, as blowouts have done little to tarnish the league
Even when Tom Brady stumbles on the field, it looks like he is complete control of the situation. When the New England Patriots
Some of the effects of this on the NFL will be obvious: players can improve their performance, coaches will change game plans, owners will sell new products and services, and fanatical fans will be more engaged. But these just scratch the surface.
EARLIER: Last week, CBS pulled Rihanna's intro for "Thursday Night Football" amid Ray Rice's domestic abuse controversy. The
CBS dropped a Rihanna song from their 'Thursday Night Football' pre game show.
Several players have been weighing in on the NFL schedule that can give players only three-days' rest between games, Bush