thyroid cancer

The "Inside Edition" host said a viewer noticed the lump years ago, but it only recently became serious.
“I want to share this with people because that’s what success is, it’s staying in your family’s lives."
Watchful waiting may help many patients avoid surgery altogether, but some people may feel too anxious living with a cancer diagnosis and still decide that surgery is right for them. No matter what the patient chooses, it is vital for the entire team to support his or her decision.
Angie Everhart opens up about her life-changing doctor's visit.
Women are far likelier than men to suffer from issues with this hardworking gland. Here's what to watch out for.
By: Fern Langham More than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime. While
The government claims the heightened rates are due to more screening efforts.
Recent studies have shown that doctors may be overdiagnosing, and overtreating, some types of cancer.
I have lost a lot of friends along the way. Just this past year alone, the thyroid cancer community has lost numerous people
Cancer isn't normally something to be thankful for, but ultimately through the experience I learned some timeless truths. I will not be the last young person to receive a cancer diagnosis, and to those of the future, I offer this.
Hours after I heard of his death, still digesting the news, I ran into my neighbor. As I told him about my friend, his eyes
Fast and furious, the rain falls. Brianna Mercado, wearing a shirt the color of sunshine, is intently watching it through the living room window. There's not a tear in her eyes. In fact, there's a serene smile on her face.
Often, explained Ho, surviving thyroid cancer means actually living with the cancer for the rest of one's life. With that
Jill's doctor held her head down as he inserted eight needles into her neck to biopsy her two tumors. No anesthetic was involved... and that was just the beginning of her journey to hell. Soon after, she was in surgery to remove the right lobe of her thyroid.
Her cancer was infiltrating duct cell carcinoma, and she had a radical breast resection including lymph nodes, chemotherapy and radiation. She did everything she could to beat cancer and now, at 80 years old, is sharing her tips.