tibetan mastiff

Looks like Clifford The Big Red Dog has a new playmate. The sale of the century we're talking about, the most expensive dog
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China's central government is powerful -- but not as powerful as Hollywood.
No lion -- that's a dog. Visitors at the zoo in the People's Park of Luohe in Henan, China, got in an uproar after a Tibetan mastiff was placed in a cage labeled "African lion." According to the AFP, the dog spoiled the not-so-clever ruse when it began to bark.
Lions are cats, by the way. People do seem to have trouble remembering that. Visitors at the zoo in the People's Park of
Tibetan mastiffs are an ancient breed long revered as adept guard dogs. This particular Tibetan mastiff puppy is considered
Along with the widespread praise, Tibetan mastiff dog shows are frequently held in China. Take a look at some pictures from