Final Thoughts If you happen to purchase your ticket from a reputable website, chances are they have a policy which protects
"We're hosting over 100 VR exhibitors, including companies like HTC, Skullcandy, Google, Dolby, Envelop VR, MSI, Technicolor
All of these organizations have done and will continue to do valuable work for Broadway, but we need more. We need legislation
Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock Buy late: On the other hand, standby or lottery tickets can really pay off. If you're in a
$63.71 Tropicana Field Toronto Blue Jays tickets are pricey, and so are beer, hot dogs and parking at Rogers Centre. One
"I was looking for a solution," noted Armstrong, "not to start a company." TickAssure! does not secure the tickets and, currently
25 Things You Absolutely, Positively Have to Do in New York City 25 Things You Absolutely, Positively Have to Do in London
I have been living in LA for about a year now and here are 6 things I wish I knew before moving.
Imagine this scenario: you are sitting in the car on the way to a baseball game when, all of sudden, the sky opens up with sheets of torrential rain. Things look bleak, until you receive a mobile notification from the venue with an option to upgrade your seat to a covered area for a small fee.
"The way it was explained to us was, the event was meant for a TV audience, not so much live audience,"  the Colorado Republican
Here are the top 13 reasons why Republicans are letting only 1,000 people in their 11,000-seat arena to watch today's GOP
If you plan to go to a NFL or major college game this year, stop by the bank for a significant withdrawal -- and perhaps a loan application if you like premium seating.
Scale the Summit, an American instrumental and progressive rock band based out of Houston, isn't your average cup o' joe.
It looks like low fuel prices are finally passing along (small) savings to consumers. Additionally, low-cost carriers are helping to bring airfares down, with increased service from Norwegian Air Shuttle, Icelandair, JetBlue and more.
Turns out, a series of industry developments have put airlines firmly in control of prices, in a way they haven't been in perhaps a generation. As a result, fares may be about to rise even more. Fortunately, that doesn't mean travelers have to overpay for their tickets.
The parents of a toddler who was killed by a New York City driver last year are furious that the driver’s tickets have been dismissed.