The problem is, half of all people infected with the disease have no idea that they were bitten by a tick in the first place.
Ticks and tick-borne diseases will probably keep spreading throughout the U.S.
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Babesia can be treated. The Columbia University Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center recommends a combination of
More accurate Lyme disease tests are being developed, but in most cases are not made available to patients except by "Lyme-literate" medical doctors, or LLMDs, who are in high demand and are not available to all patients, as most reside in areas where Lyme disease has reached true epidemic proportions, from Virginia to the Northeast.
As evidenced by the recent Virginia legislation and the removal of IDSA Lyme guidelines from the federal database used by physicians, patients often have to be their own best health advocates, but they can only do so when they have information. We need to do better.
They think the bacteria is a "recently emerged" organism.
He listened for 10 minutes and calmly said, "You have Lyme. Lyme does all kinds of weird things, but you'll get better. Amazing that I am only the 12th doctor you've been to. Most find me somewhere between 20 and 100."
• Why don't the antibiotics work and what should we do next? • How do we go about learning more about Lyme disease and its