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The incident comes just days after health officials repeatedly warned against ingesting them.
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Blue-and-orange "pied pods" can be made to order.
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Because those pods are poisonous -- think seizures, coma, even death.
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Poison control centers have responded to 39 cases involving teens this year. Most were for ingestion.
Women aren't even really involved in this one. And for once that’s a good thing.
Nadia: For me, it was that I was doing gymnastics during a time when there were not too many opportunities for girls to play
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You only sink once!
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The proposed program reforms will curtail tourism, business and scholar-related travel (and hurt US economic interests as well), but will do almost nothing to address the real weaknesses of the surveillance-watchlisting process used to cross-check visa and visa waiver applicants.
The latest Tide to Go commercial might make some raise their eyebrows at first. But keep watching and you’ll likely end up loving the company if you don’t already.
Safe Kids is working with the Tide and Gain Up, Up, and Away Laundry Safety Program to raise awareness about a real concern for parents. Since 2012, more than 33,000 calls have been placed to the Poison Help line about liquid laundry packets. That's about 30 calls a day and it caught our attention.
hen my kids were young, I was the one grocery shopping, changing diapers and taking them to doctor's appointments. For some of that time I was a single dad, but for all of it I made career decisions, and personal decisions, based on my children's lives.
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In this way, Mad Men at last speaks to me directly and, through Sally, to my odd little slice of the Boomer era. We who were
Maintained by the National Counterterrorism Center, the highly classified database is not a "watchlist" but instead is a
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Sports fans come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and — most importantly — colors. From the cheese-heads of Wisconsin to the underdogs
The report concluded that much of the information generated was useless and some was potentially unconstitutional. But it
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Nobody likes stains, especially when it comes to your whites. But fear not. We've assembled these quick and easy DIY stain