Tiffany Trump

The president said he doesn't think there will be a reason to take action against his former personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, though he made no assurances.
But Politico reports that Madeleine Westerhout criticized his relationship with his children and said that Trump couldn't pick daughter Tiffany out in a crowd.
The actress and ex-wife of President Donald Trump has a role in an upcoming show starring Danny McBride and John Goodman.
Donald Trump's daughter wore white, the same color that many female Democratic lawmakers donned to send a political message.
A cartoon version of the president makes a sexualized comment to his elder daughter in an upcoming episode of Fox's animated comedy.
Tiffany Trump blamed the delayed message on "law school life."
Trump's controversial 1994 interview with Robin Leach is going viral again, following the celebrity journalist's death.
One Twitter user wrote, "I hope my tax dollars aren't going to this mess."
A Vanity Fair report claims West Wing advisers use the term behind the eldest Trump daughter's back.
“I don’t want to talk about your dad, but girl, I will sit next to you because I’ve been there."
Do cute pics make it easier to swallow the president's threatening rhetoric?