Tiffany Trump

Secret Service bosses worried about the cozy relationships, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Carol Leonnig writes in "Zero Fail."
The president's youngest daughter announced she's engaged to Michael Boulos a day before her father leaves office.
She wished her brother Eric Trump a happy birthday as their father's supporters were rioting inside the U.S. Capitol.
The Florida congressman had quite the reaction to Tiffany Trump's White House photo.
Melania Trump and Tiffany Trump's defense of the president comes unstuck in the viral montage.
President Donald Trump's youngest daughter overlooked her father's anti-LGBTQ record while urging queer voters in Florida to support him this weekend.
The president's younger daughter gets called out for hypocrisy on social media.
In her GOP convention speech, Trump noted she is a recent law school graduate. She is also the daughter of the wealthiest president in history.
"The Late Late Show" host said no one saw this coming.
Only 50% Trumps is the president's idea of "diversity," snorted one critic.