tig notaro

The comedian also "can't wait" to play Jennifer Aniston's wife on "First Ladies."
Tig Notaro is set to star as her wife, as well as write the script.
“Our entire writers’ room is all female, and every person in the room has had an experience with assault, abuse or harassment in some way."
As some of comedy's icons have fallen, Tig Notaro continues to rise. We should make way for more women like her.
"They’re rumors. That’s all it is," the comedian told The New York Times.
I feel very proud of my new show on Amazon, One Mississippi. I'm going to sound like an egomaniac but I'm proud of so many
Brace yourself for scatological medical procedures, closet case twink murder witnesses, trans super models, and queer super heroes on this week's Monday Mouth-Off.
Perhaps the most egregious example of how horribly our country neglects our soldiers involves its treatment of legal immigrants
Photo credit: Ryan Murray Enjoy this podcast to go. For more information on Guster and their newest CD Evermotion, see below
Is it possible to have too much comedy? Festival Supreme seems to be insistent on testing that limit, adding a fourth stage this year. The third annual Festival, which took place in downtown Los Angeles, was chock full of comedians, sketch acts, rock bands, and oddities this past weekend.