A senior Chinese cabinet official said that last month’s order to partially lift a 25-year ban on the two animal products had been “postponed after study.”
The animal was "obviously stressed," a wildlife expert said.
The 60-year old Scotsman works out of his London studio with unlikely material recycled from the streets and the dumpsters
While humans carry much blame for the decline of tigers, it is not too late for us to play a larger role in bringing the species back from the brink.
A recent headline in the Bangalore Mirror newspaper read, "Tiger spotted in Sahyadri reserve." One tiger sighting now ranks
It's the third animal-related death in the park since 2014.
The tiger's fate will be determined "judicially," the park manager said.
The temple has been investigated for suspected links to wildlife trafficking and abuse.
Welfare groups say the "tiger farm" focuses on tourists' pleasure, rather than helping this endangered species.
• The genes associated with muscle strength, energy metabolism, and sensory nerves -- including those involved in visual
Conservation experts say Congress needs to legislate the abolition of private ownership of tigers in the U.S.
Video shows an unidentified person broke into the animal shelter where the tiger was housed after its capture.