tiger attack

Dramatic footage of the moment a lion turned on its tamer, tackling her to the ground and biting her arm in front of horrified crowds, has been released.
An employee of the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park has been hospitalized following a tiger attack at the Oklahoma zoo.
Initial reports stated that the animal severely injured the zoo worker's arm -- possibly severing it -- after she reached
The tigers attacked the zoo's caretaker suddenly as he was feeding them, and his wife raised the alarm, state broadcaster
No official statements have been released regarding the tiger or the possible reasons for the attack. Watch the video here
Is Dennis Hill a nut case for boarding people-eating cats in his backyard? Or is Dennis merely a genuine individualist doing his thing?
The Captive Wild Animal Protection Coalition estimates that as many as 7,000 tigers are currently kept as pets in the United States--that's more tigers than currently inhabit all the wilds of Asia.
Really, though, I don't get the point of zoos or why people like them. I'm pretty sure the seals didn't ask to be moved to Indianapolis. Even if they did ask to be moved, I wouldn't go see them.
What kind of culture continues to encourage the level of risk taking seen in these young men, continually, all over the country?
Even with no proof, the zoo continued to imply that the young men, not the zoo or the tiger, was at fault.