tiger cubs

The six-year-old super dog has been called into action to provide snuggling and comfort.
The temple has been investigated for suspected links to wildlife trafficking and abuse.
Welfare groups say the "tiger farm" focuses on tourists' pleasure, rather than helping this endangered species.
Khloe Kardashian couldn't be more clueless in the Instagram selfie she took posing with a tiger cub. Read more on The Dodo
The cubs were cleared for the great outdoors after passing a swim test on Nov. 6; the boy-girl pair had to demonstrate they
The cubs' arrival was heralded on the zoo's Twitter account Thursday morning: One thing's for sure: they certainly give the
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"It is early stages yet, but we are cautiously optimistic as we monitor the care that the mother, Katja, is providing to
Check out the slideshow below for some awww-inspiring photos of the Sumatran tiger cubs. In addition to being adorable, these
The video below, from the Associated Press, shows young tiger cubs making their public debut at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney
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Two wide-eyed tiger cubs met the public last week at the Pittsburgh Zoo. The cubs are both eight weeks old and healthy. These
In this video, CBS got an exclusive first look at the cubs, which were born this past spring. The birth of the six cubs is