tiger temple

News of the deaths comes three years after nearly 150 tigers were removed from Tiger Temple over trafficking and abuse claims.
I stood in line, restlessly shifting from left foot to right as little rivulets of sweat ran down the nape of my neck. The Bangkok heat was not meant for standing. Outdoors. To take a selfie with a tiger.
It was billed as a tiger sanctuary, but raids have uncovered a laboratory of animal parts, possibly for smuggling.
The temple has been investigated for suspected links to wildlife trafficking and abuse.
Dozens of tigers have been taken away from the popular Buddhist temple.
Two documentaries screened during the 2013 CAAMFest did a surprisingly thorough job of showing how, despite its rapid urbanization, China is filled with people whose challenges are embodied by the age-old tale of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.
-OR- Keep reading here. Deep in the heart of Western Thailand, where the River Kwai weaves through the rich green jungle