He is uniquely placed to exploit any sense of alienation you feel as a mom. He will fill any void in your domestic life with his, er, 'manhood.' And he'll even help you launder the sheets after your little tryst. Meet the "stray-at-home dad."
Tiger, who has not won a major championship since the 2008 U.S. Open, looks as strong as ever, yet something else jumps out: his mental performance.
Some people are better at romance recovery than others. Recent reports suggest that Elin Nordegren is struggling to accept the new partner of her ex-husband, Tiger Woods.
"We just are happy," the Olympic skier said. "We're similar. We're both at the top of our sports, and we relate really well
Let's wish our best to Tiger and Lindsey. Hopefully, he has learned how to enjoy love and presumably monogamy in a healthy, positive way.
Did anyone really think for a minute that Woods would never date again or that only some self-loathing gold digger would have any interest in him? If so, that's short-sighted, to say the least. Woods, like all of us, is more than the sum of his parts.
TMZ caught up with James to ask for her response to Woods and Vonn's romance. "I thought he would have picked a woman who
Plans are reportedly underway for a complete remodel of the .65-acre property, no doubt to ward off any lingering bad karma
While most people focus on Tiger's physical game, which of course is amazing in its own right, most people don't give enough credit to another very important part of his game: his mental toughness.
When celebrities leave their spouses for other mega-watt stars (think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), it hardly comes as a