Just months after the Supreme Court added yet another boulder to the edifice of corporate personhood, Nike has pushed the boundaries to something resembling corporate priesthood.
If you are actually foolish enough to listen to Tiger Woods and his enablers at IMG, then know one thing: They think you are an idiot and beneath their contempt.
Tiger's fall from public grace has been so great that it will take a Michelangelo of image consultants to restore his broken image. Ari Fleischer is no Michelangelo. He's got baggage.
As the day grinds on after news this morning that Tiger Woods will return to golf at the Masters tournament, all manner of people are weighing in on it.
Tiger can evade undesirable tasks like cleaning his golf clubs or mowing the yard. But the most undesirable task for him, and all of us, is internal in nature not external.
Contradicting the behavior of men like John Edwards and Tiger Woods are the men who defy the odds and accept power and privilege without succumbing to the temptations that lie before them.