It's not the first time James has removed her clothes with Woods golfing nearby. She stripped in Atlanta when Tiger returned
The comments from both James and Allred were similar to remarks the pair made following Woods' public apology in February
Susie Ogren says she took ecstasy with Tiger and he hoped "to get me into bed." Jamie Jungers (PHOTOS) says she and Tiger
James has now posted two emails allegedly from Bell and a series of text messages allegedly from Woods. A new feature added
Julie Postle (PHOTOS) allegedly met Woods when she worked as a cocktail waitress in Orlando. Tiger was reportedly "obsessed
James was in the news recently when she expressed outrage about a set of golf balls themed around Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses
Scroll down to see a picture of the ball with Joslyn James. Tiger Woods-themed golf balls that depict the golfer's alleged
NSFW pictures of porn star Holly Sampson. Photo and video of another alleged mistress, Kalika Moquin. Women linked to Tiger