Nordegren was last linked to a 35-year-old South African student whom she met at the Florida college where they both were
Rachel Uchitel may ring in the New Year with the man who gave her the best present of 2010 -- $10 million -- and it's all
TMZ has learned Rachel Uchitel has signed a deal to get naked for Playboy Magazine -- but there's a full-frontal catch. Rachel
TMZ has learned a new reality show is in the works that would be hosted by Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers -- and
Last week, according to the New York Post, Lorenzana, 33, returned to her job at a New York City JPMorgan office. Her return
I won a bet that Tiger Woods would not win the Masters this weekend because his rebranding would have been derailed if he had gone out there, automaton-like, and swept through the course to win his fifth green blazer. So he didn't.
The mia culpas were bad enough. But branded mia culpas? Memo to Tiger, Jesse and C-Street Republicans: Just do it. Don't
Jon Stewart tackled a host of sports issues Tuesday night. He discussed the conclusion of March Madness, President Obama's
Tiger Woods updated the world on his spiritual development at yesterday's press conference in Augusta, Ga., stating that
The man who helped make his sport more racially inclusive only carelessly reinforced the unfair stereotype that the athletic figures children admire are incapable of being role models.
WATCH: Emma Rotherham allegedly had early-morning sex on Woods' office couch. Tiger reportedly loved to see her in black
James has now posted two emails allegedly from Bell and a series of text messages allegedly from Woods. A new feature added
Jennifer Aniston got a lot of flak for calling Angelina Jolie's Vogue confessional about falling in love with her husband
Four of the biggest losers in marital history emerge from the wreckage to compete for the final championship.
Tiger did make one very big personal revelation over the weekend. He now wears man-jewelry! He showed Golf Channel viewers his new accessory -- a bracelet for protection and strength.
An MMA source told me that Grubbs had sex on more than one occasion with UFC fighter C.B. Dollaway. Including on Oct. 24
Jaimee Grubbs (PHOTOS) saved a voicemail from her lover, as well as steamy text messages. Jaimee stripped down for two magazines
What if you had $67 million and were in the same situation as Tiger Woods found himself? The bottom line is that nobody has the right to judge a person unless they have walked in that person's shoes.
I'm sorry that Tiger's wood got the best of him. I'm very sorry for his wife. But the affair of an athlete is a matter between his penis, his wife, and his corporate sponsors.
It's time to end the hypocritical hype heaped upon every famous individual who falls from grace for being human.