"We just are happy," the Olympic skier said. "We're similar. We're both at the top of our sports, and we relate really well
Let's wish our best to Tiger and Lindsey. Hopefully, he has learned how to enjoy love and presumably monogamy in a healthy, positive way.
TMZ caught up with James to ask for her response to Woods and Vonn's romance. "I thought he would have picked a woman who
There's a clear causality between our excusing idolization of athletes and our idolized athletes excusing their immoral behavior to protect that hyperinflated status.
Most athlete endorsement deals include “morals clauses,” but it's rare that a company will go through the trouble of trying
We haven't heard much from Elin Nordegren since the Tiger Woods scandal broke in 2009. After all, the tight-lipped mom of
Brush up on the contenders below: But perhaps most surprising are the celebrity scandals that you thought didn't make the
Let's face it. Golf is not the same without Tiger. The young guns that have burst upon the scene have played admirably, but none of them have come close to showing the dominance or consistency that Tiger had when he was on his game.
Nordegren was last linked to a 35-year-old South African student whom she met at the Florida college where they both were
With his book Tiger: The Real Story, Steve Helling, an entertainment journalist for People magazine, got the jump on all