The choreography of love starts, when you firmly put your hand in your partner's hand. The real choreography continues, when you respect your partner's moves, your moves are always gentle.
Matisse the dog came over all super spy by walking a tightrope on the final of Britain's Got Talent. That's right, another dog more talented than us.
The digital entertainment company's renewed projects include action-thriller "Chosen," Emmanuelle Chriqui's "Cleaners" and
Watch 25-year-old extreme sports athlete Mich Kemeter set the world record for the longest slacklining, or "waterlining," walk
On Sunday, daredevil Nik Wallenda completed a 1,500-foot high-wire walk over the Grand Canyon that had us all holding our
ABC News adds that Aisikaier, who's a sixth-generation tightrope walker, said he was feeling faint before the fall. SCROLL
They might be the next They Might Be Giants or perhaps they'll follow punk icons like Blink 182, and yes I hate calling that latter band "icons." Their best bet, however, may be becoming the first ever Front Bottoms.
A 46-year-old Swiss stuntman has ascended a nearly 10,000-foot-high mountain by tightrope walking a two-inch-wide cable car
Will Clint's next movie be a musical? A comedy? A noir thriller? No. It will be a literal-minded tale, free from dramatic devices such as irony, metaphor or anything that might make the darn thing interesting.