The latest caravan began Monday night with many women and children boarding buses bound for the Guatemalan border.
The process leaves migrants with a lot of uncertainty and little legal protection.
Authorities in the violence-gripped Mexican border city are investigating the brutal slayings.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that 69 migrants who tried to cross the border illegally were arrested on the California side.
The violence committed at the border in our name is a choice. Lucky for us, there is an alternative.
Over 5,000 members of a migrant caravan on its way to the U.S. have been camped in Tijuana, Mexico, in recent weeks.
The one-year decrease of more than 300,000 is the largest in a decade.
Dozens more remain just outside the entrance to the port of entry in a makeshift camp, waiting to plead their case.
Many aimed to seek asylum, defying Trump's call to keep them out.
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Border Patrol agents uncovered the hidden tunnel while arresting the recently smuggled suspects.
What the future could be with a frictionless border.
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Every year, the United States deports an unknown number of veterans. We don't know exactly how many because that the Department of Homeland Security doesn't record the veteran status of deportees; however, advocates including the ACLU estimate the number to be in the thousands.