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"Make sure you turn in your library books North Carolina!"
Parker: There, in the film especially, the absence of privilege is prevalent. It's just right in front of you. The hole in
Sumpter stars as FLOTUS in a new film that chronicles Barack Obama's first date with Michelle.
How Tika Sumpter drew 'strength' and 'confidence' from paying Michelle Obama.
The MovieFilm boys are back with their thoughts on the late summer smash Suicide Squad! Find out what we thought of the latest
Earlier this month, TV personality Sheryl Underwood from The Talk felt compelled to apologize for negative remarks she made about kinky hair in September 2013. She did so while revealing her own natural hair.
This week the fast food giant announced actor-E! News correspondent Terrence Jenkins (aka Terrence J) and actress Tika Sumpter
When Perry was casting the series, he knew who he wanted to play the female lead. He had worked with actress Tika Sumpter
When Tyler Perry cast Tika Sumpter as the cunning vixen, Candace Young, in the OWN drama "The Haves and the Have Nots," he
Whether it was Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Hope & Crosby, Martin & Lewis -- or such modern attempts as Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, or Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan -- the dynamic never varies between the cool guy and the eager wannabe who never will, but who'll win our hearts with his misguided, comically unsuccessful efforts.
We already crowned the Smith family (Will and company) the most stylish family in Hollywood and now we've got to applaud
What happens when the world of a wealthy Savannah, Ga., couple collides with the families of their hired help? Sex, deceit
Tyler Perry was joined by a host of stars Monday night to fete the New York City premiere of his new movie "Madea's Witness
Tika Sumpter of One Life to Live fame is more than just a pretty face. In my interview with her today, she tells us the challenges she faced landing the role of a lifetime on the daytime hit show.