'Til Death Do Us Part

The "General Hospital" and "All Eyez On Me" actress addresses her experiences with violence and how they factored into her latest role.
I truly wonder if they have really thought through the step they're in the process of taking. Vowing to "learn to cook" or 'try skydiving' isn't what marriage is about, folks. It's about sticking together through financial problems, family problems and health challenges... 'til death do us part.'
From what they told me, they only knew each other for about a month. I also knew they promised to marry each other when the war was over. It wasn't until I was snowed in this week and started reading their "forbidden" love letters that I pieced together the actual time frame.
With Veteran's Day, the focus is on our service men and women that unselfishly serve our country. This brings me a very special love story that is near and dear to my heart. It wasn't until I discovered the long lost love letters my father wrote to my mother that was I able to piece together this very touching account of two young people separated by war.
At 3:38 pm last Wednesday, Gordon's breathing stopped. Though he was no longer alive, his heart monitor continued to register
It seems, though, like we've become a society of people who are just looking for immediate gratification. Look how we've become in terms of technology.