tim allen

"Single worst experience I've ever had with a co-star," Casey Wilson said of Allen.
The Buzz Lightyear voice actor gave an update about the iconic animated film franchise on "The Tonight Show."
Anderson first made the accusation against her “Home Improvement” co-star in her new memoir. “You can’t make that stuff up,” she contends.
In her upcoming memoir, Pamela Anderson accuses Tim Allen of flashing her on the set of “Home Improvement.”
The former late night host was injured over the weekend when a car he was working on exploded into flames.
More proof that whenever the “Home Improvement” star tweets, it really is tool time.
The actor's Twitter complaint quickly backfired.
The “Last Man Standing” star revealed that he “kind of liked” that former President Donald Trump pissed people off.
The "Home Improvement" actor said the new film has "no relationship" to the character he voiced in the "Toy Story" franchise.