Tim and Eric

Say goodbye to stress, unhappiness and staining your all-white attire: Tim and Eric are ready to help you become your best self.
Comedy duo Tim and Eric are feeling seriously excited about the 2016 election. The reason? They can't wait to cast a ballot
Describing Eric André's comedy ends up being a lot like watching the opening credits for his show: a confused jumble of comedy snippets cobbled together into a crazy quilt. And that's 100 percent by design.
"Check It Out!" has the intentionally crappy aesthetic of a public access show from the '80s, mirroring Brule's similarly
Galifianakis also made regular appearances on their previous Adult Swim show, as well as the duo's feature film debut, "Tim
Brody Ryan, the viral star behind the hilarious #StarbucksDrakeHands Instagram video meme, is hijacking our own What's Trending
While we had Jack Black in the studio to chat about his new web series, "Ghost Ghirls," we had to ask about his upcoming
For the full list and program of SMWLA events, visit SocialMediaWeek.org. Shira said, "It's an incredibly exciting time to
"OMG, you are the most impressive human being I have ever met," is all this man from the Norwegian comedy show Kollektivet
Tim Heidecker demonstrates how to make the grossest cocktail sauce ever made in the latest episode of "Tim's Kitchen Tips
Why do you need a goatee? Let us not paraphrase Tim & Eric's song explaining the joys of this particular style of facial
They've been posting a new episode each day since Monday, so check back their YouTube channel for more. (We've posted the
Why exactly did Tim & Eric decide to make a reality show that records their lives through GoPro cameras? As Tim Heidecker
After tweeting that he was to start a new job at Rolling Stone magazine -- as the Editor-In-Chief -- Heidecker posted an
There's really no explaining Dr. Brule, so we'll just let this amazing YouTube comment speak for itself: Get your DVD, BVB
If this sounds like a terrible joke, Tim Heidecker is one step ahead of you. On his Adult Swim show "Tim & Eric Awesome Show
When Tim Heidecker heard the rumor that Bob Dylan was recording a 14-minute song about the Titanic, he just knew he had to