tim burton

“It’s one of those encounters that rarely happens in life,” Bellucci said of her relationship with the director.
Chris Sarandon, who voiced Jack Skellington, previously said he would crawl across the U.S. to be in a sequel to the Tim Burton classic.
Burton said his 2019 movie with Disney, a live-action remake of “Dumbo,” will likely be his last with the studio.
While he's about to make his superhero debut in "Black Adam," Brosnan said he was once nearly cast as Batman — until he mocked the dark knight's costume.
Jenna Ortega plays the titular role in “Wednesday.” Christina Ricci, who popularized the character, also has a role in the show about the Addams family.
"The Crown" star, 53, has since started dating 32-year-old Rye Dag Holmboe.
The "Schitt's Creek" star channeled her character from Tim Burton's classic film.
Tim Burton's latest movie, starring Danny DeVito, is another reminder of everything the director used to be.