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But Hall explained on Monday, "AB 2444 respects Constitutional protections by restricting government speech, not individual
With the California legislature off on a month's vacation beginning with the 4th of July weekend, it's a period in California politics in which several matters are poised awaiting resolution; namely, policy on water, high-speed rail, and space, the state controller's race, and Governor Jerry Brown's future.
Though the election was largely a bore, it did have some interesting outcomes, not only in the statewide races but also in some district level races for Congress and state Assembly and even local office.
Under California's new primary system, the top two vote-getters advance to the general election. Brown finished with 54 percent
Republican Neel Kashkari advanced to the general election to challenge California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) from the state's top
Donnelly stirred controversy when he alleged that Kashkari supported Sharia law. Kashkari called the attack "absurd." California
California is one of eight states holding primary elections on Tuesday, June 3. The state will put its new top-two primary
Just a few days remain till California's primary election. Will California Republicans, whose share of the state's electorate dropped more than seven percent over the past decade, veer even further to the right with their standard-bearer for governor?
In truth, it doesn't really matter for Brown which Republican he wallops in November. He will win a record fourth term as California's governor in a landslide, his third in four gubernatorial runs. What difference does it make how much he wins by?
Donnelly, a tea party favorite, is the leading Republican in polls of California's open primary, and many in the party are