tim duncan

Other finalists include Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.
The former NBA star donated $250,000 to hurricane relief efforts and pledged to match contributions that total up to $1 million.
Ever since Kobe's retirement escapade through 29 arenas in the NBA, I had a running joke. I kept saying that Tim Duncan will retire and we won't even know. He just won't show up to practice one day.
Under Popovich's coaching, Duncan's humility never wavered.
*The rhyming was mostly unintentional. The incomparable Tim Duncan hung up his sneakers Monday in the only way Tim Duncan
And he did so in a very Duncan-esque way.
The Warriors aren't the only record-breaking team worth watching.
Even when he's not even trying he's hilarious.
AP/Photo AP/Photo After going 1-for-8 in the first half, Curry made his first three shots from long range and helped his
The Spurs have the potential to beat the Warriors, as emerging superstar Kawhi Leonard continues his sensational two-play.