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There is increased awareness in the fashion industry when it comes to the need for transparency, Gunn says, but he isn't confident that this has translated into action.
What Tim Gunn (anyone else who tries to "make it work") is actually telling us to do is to forgive ourselves, to accept our greatest parenting triumphs and the things we perceive as the fails.
Gunn participated in a roundtable discussion for The Hollywood Reporter. When asked what he hasn't worked on but wishes he
Although Gunn thinks that fashion has been largely supportive of the LGBT community, he knows there's a long way to go until
With extreme winter temperatures still plaguing New York City, Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII is likely to be a cold one for
Gunn's distance from the work room has also altered his relationship with the contestants. "I'm not as emotionally tied," he
The "Project Runway" mentor, who is openly gay, told Larry King he never addressed his sexuality with his parents, arguing
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"There’s the hand on the face, then the crossed arms, and then he does that little squint with the tilt. If you get all of
Tim Gunn has made no secret of his long-term celibacy. But the style guru's intimate revelation on the Jan. 24 episode of
StyleList always wondered what might happen if beloved "Project Runway" mentor Tim Gunn traded places with the show's hyper
SL: The Proenza boys -- your former Parsons students -- have blown up! How do you feel about that? TG: "They were my students