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Nothing compares to seeing each other at the airport for the first time.
The grand opening of the Tim Hortons museum debuted last week with loads of happy Canucks lining up to grab coffee served in retro cups, Timbits, and even throwback donuts.
Warren Buffett defended Burger King's plan to expatriate to Canada in an appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box Thursday morning
Who exactly was Tim Horton? How long have his outlets been sneaking over the border? And what happened to the apostrophe?
Now that American icon Burger King has agreed to merge with Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons in a blatant "screw you" to the U.S. Treasury, the trend of moving abroad to save on taxes seems to be catching on. The latest party to take advantage of this is infamous terror group ISIS.
EMEA operating profits for 2011 and 2012 totaled $356 million. Yet, Burger King Beteilligung GmbH - the entity which consolidated
Every single step to Burger King's success was backed and enabled up by our taxpayer-funded American system. Our government is the reason that Burger King is extremely profitable.
So far, investors are happy with the strategy shift that the Tim Hortons deal signals. After the deal was made official Tuesday
“On almost every street corner, there’s an alternative fast food restaurant where [consumers] can buy food once they learn
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont joins HuffPost Live to weigh in on Burger King's attempt to create a new holding company in Canada to trim their U.S. tax bill.
Burger King is in talks to buy Canadian based coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Hortons.
Burger King Worldwide Inc. BKW +1.01% is in talks to buy Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Hortons Inc., THI.T +2.79
To our pleasant surprise, we finally have the answer to our question and it comes in the form of a beautifully dotted map
There are few treats that are more delicious than a freshly fried donut.
An early morning, a rush to get to the car, a long wait in a drive-thru line for precious caffeine, and then it happens. Disaster strikes. A lid fails, the coffee will not hold. It's an experience shared by millions of Canadians and now one brave soul has given voice to a nation's pain.