Tim O'Brien

Biden looks out of a trashed Oval Office's window in artist Tim O’Brien's latest front page illustration for the magazine.
“I could see the president getting this one framed."
It's the third in a series of illustrations taking aim at the Trump administration.
There's been some good vetting of the Republican front-runner. But longtime chroniclers say it's not enough.
One of the many challenges of being a woman in the Army was that your hair always had to be in regulations: either cut into a bob that did not touch your collar or pulled back into a tight bun. Even in a sand storm, even under a Velcro-strapped Kevlar helmet, perfection was required.
Special thanks to our producer, Katelyn Bogucki, who makes us sound like we know what we're doing, and Jorge Corona, the
Unlike many memoirs, Kaufman's Hill, John Hampsey's remembrance of his boyhood in a middle-class Catholic Pittsburg neighborhood, is not a born out of an intense personal experience or extreme personal adventure.
If you are already a fan of MerleFest, then you can skip to No. 1. For the uninitiated, however, MerleFest is the younger, Eastern cousin of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. I discovered this gem of Americana festivals more than a decade ago after I moved to North Carolina from spending nearly a decade out West attending Telluride.
If you had asked me what book my daughter and I would read together someday, I probably would have come up with Little Women